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Top Hiring Strategies for Startups During COVID Crisis

Hiring Strategies

"COVID-19 has prompted a sudden change to remote and new methods of operating, and many have discovered that administrative adaptability is necessary for surviving.
To sustain the business going forward, HR Companies in karachi and abroad have developed flexible and collaborative techniques to reinvent their hiring strategy. Here are several strategies startups can use for hiring.

Succession Planning

The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated that key executives are not immune and that businesses should have a succession plan in place to cater for unforeseen events.

If particular individuals become unavailable, succession and contingency plans should involve the selection of successors, interim personnel, and/or shared jobs and responsibilities among current personnel to ensure stability in the company's management and daily operations. Hiring a recruitment agency like Fulcrum is your best option when it comes to succession planning and HR Outsourcing.


Transparency and honestly go a long way. You should be upfront with your candidates about how the pandemic is affecting their hiring process. Candidates need to know whether it has caused delays or if you are suspending all hiring and onboarding, and you should make this a concern.

It's critical to get the information and tone just correct. Candidates are astute and sensitive, and they will likely call out organizations that appear to be exploiting the situation.

Create a Drip Campaign

Making a campaign that adjusts based on a candidate's behaviour, such as open, read, and reaction rates is much more likely to break through the clutter. To begin laying a good base in this uncertain period, plan what will happen and when based on their level of engagement.

Before creating your drip campaign, do some online research about your candidate audience, such as what resonates with them. Consider contacting employees that meet your target demographic to see what they feel.

Key Take-Aways

Despite the enormous economic disruption created by the COVID-19 problem, long-term employment and development consequences can be avoided by taking efforts now to promote existing start-ups and the formation of new businesses by the employee training program. Recessions are frequently times of increased restructuring, which can contribute to an enhanced and resilient economy in the long run.

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