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What are the 6 Types of Outsourcing?

What are the 6 Types of Outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing has resulted in a vast range of services available today. Though outsourcing was once unheard of, it now makes more sense than ever in today's global economy. With rapid communication across borders, it is considerably more manageable (and less expensive) for domestic businesses to use many types outsourcing services based in other regions. It aids in cost reduction, promotes productivity, and improves quality.

First, look at the types of outsourcing services you may like to consider for your business.

Professional Outsourcing

Accounting, purchasing, administration, legal, CAD, digital marketing, and everything else for your team fall under professional outsourcing. Professional outsourcing provides many services that require a licence or several years of training.

With expert outsourcing, you may gain access to a wide range of services while only paying for the ones you require. This is ideal for growing your business as well as receiving one-time services. For example, you may need legal assistance to establish your firm.

You're probably outsourcing at least some professional services if you already have a business. Because these services are critical, you may not even consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing of IT

IT outsourcing, one of the most frequent services today, entails engaging an outside entity to handle all or part of a companies IT needs, from software creation to maintenance and support.

Almost every form of an organization today requires IT or interacts with technology on some level, making it an often outsourced area. For many businesses, hiring a third-party IT management team is less expensive than building one in-house. Enterprises frequently use IT outsourcing to store and handle data, but most large organizations only outsource a portion of their IT services.


Multi-sourcing is another option to integrate the services you outsource. It typically provides you with a mix of IT and other business tasks. It is generally more appropriate for major corporations that seek to outsource various IT activities and infrastructure to several providers. However, multi-sourcing is a fantastic alternative for any company that wants access to top professionals, an outcome-based strategy, and openness in its IT projects.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is one of the most prevalent types of outsourcing (BPO). BPO services can help you with basic business tasks like administration, correspondence, and scheduling. BPO can also provide customer service and lead generating.

Project Outsourcing

Companies can struggle to manage one of their projects or even complete a piece of a specific project. This is why many people hire a project management firm to handle the job. In other circumstances, the organization may not have enough employees with the essential abilities to complete the project. It may also be more expensive to finish the job in-house rather than outsource it to a more qualified organization.

Operational Outsourcing

Manufacturing companies frequently outsource their operational needs since it includes services like equipment repairs. However, service-based businesses might benefit from operational outsourcing for chores such as landscaping and deliveries.

Companies should understand the benefits of outsourcing individual projects or sectors of their organization to increase productivity and run a more effective operation overall. Consider areas where your company could benefit from outsourcing, and look into some of the other types of outsourcing options accessible to you.

Consider outsourcing for your business activities and see how Fulcrum can assist you in saving money and time.