Corporate Social Responsibility

Fulcrum Pvt Ltd is a reputable name in the world of HR and is guided by the purpose 'to meet the missions of communities worldwide while adhering to public duties.' Corporate social responsibility is a critical component of our business. We believe in caring for society and creating a positive impact. Our first obligation is to help, nourish, and invest in the development of our people and state.


Why Corporate Social Responsibility IsImportant to Us?

Employee’s Engagement

Employee’s Engagement:

A company's perception and treatment of its employees are reflected in how well it treats the local communities. Our team at Fulcrum shares the same enthusiasm for our CSR programmes and initiatives, and they aren't afraid to put themselves out there as part of those efforts.

Giving Back To Our Society

Giving Back To Our Society:

After more than 16 years in the industry, Fulcrum has established itself as one of the Pakistan's leading outsourcing firms. We feel that with such accomplishment, we owe it to our society to give back.

CSR Programs and Initiatives at Fulcrum

Our Visit to Dar-ul-Sukun

Fulcrum’s efforts have resulted in the establishment of a visitation program at Karachi’s Dar-ul-Sukun. A shelter, Dar-ul-Sukun, provides refuge to children and adults with impairments, both physical and mental, who live in poverty or are unable to deal with their difficulties on their own.
One of the objectives of our Initiative was to provide them with food and other basic necessities. Our team was happy to help & meet these beautiful children on their visit. They spent time with them participating in enjoyable activities. We were also able to provide groceries to the management so that they could be distributed to individuals in need of assistance. We entertained the children by providing them with new toys and engaging activities such as puzzles and blocks that would aid in their development. Children’s happy faces and enthusiasm made our trip a huge success.
We aim to keep spreading smiles and giving back to our community.
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