Executive Search & Talent Consultants in Pakistan

The predicament of finding the best talent and identifying a good candidate is always a challenge. As executive search professionals in Pakistan, we check the candidates thoroughly in three areas: technical skills, soft skills and the right job fit. These traits are essentially followed by the final analysis of the applicants’ capabilities that are suitable for an organization’s culture.


Identifying, interviewing

Executive Search & Mass Hiring & Outplacement

Executive Search Assignments

Executive Search & Mass Hiring & Outplacement

Outplacement Services

Executive Search & Mass Hiring & Outplacement

ATS (Applicant Tracking Services)

Executive Search & Mass Hiring Expertise with a Proven Record

Fulcrum partners with companies and complies with the supply of critical business positions at all levels of the hierarchy. We offer correct guidance on identifying, attracting and appointing potential candidates to meet the clients’ demands.
Fulcrum has decades of successful experience in finding the best talent in the market. We not only cater to executive search needs but also extend our services to mass hiring and outplacement.

Successful experience in finding the best talent

We have a large, detailed and organized database, integrated with an international recruiting software known as BULLHORN, which provides us with ATS (Applicant Tracking Services).

Our recruitment specialists are experienced and committed to identifying, interviewing and short listing the right set of experience and academic credentials.
We have the right expertise to handle complete in-house recruitment solutions that include but are not limited to workforce planning, search assignments, mass hiring and succession planning.

Our outplacement services aid former employees to transition to new jobs and assist them to re-orient the job market.

Executive Search
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