Access HRMS

Introducing Access HRMS (Human Resource Management System), your all-in-one destination for complete time and attendance, employee data management, and payroll solutions. Our system allows you to stay structured & organized by providing the flexibility you desire, allowing you to manage working hours, overtime, and attendance with ease and comfort.

Time & Attendance Management

  • Effortlessly handle employee information and manage working hours anytime, anywhere.
  • Maximize efficiency by seamlessly creating work schedules and avoiding unnecessary costs due to overtime hours.
  • Eliminate human errors and swiftly calculate overtime with ease using our precise and reliable system.
  • Experience the adaptability you desire with Access HRMS, empowering you to effortlessly manage working hours, overtime, and attendance at your convenience. Geofencing feature makes tracking attendance accurate and easy.
  • Benefit from the accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility provided by our user-friendly system.

Employee Database Management

  • Sensitive employee information is centralized in one secure database.
  • Specify the number of employees you want to allocate into teams and assign team leaders for each created team.
  • Access HRMS eliminates the need for paper and provides you with organized and consolidated data, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Put an end to dual entry errors and multiple updates.
  • Your data is protected and compliant with laws and regulations.

HRMS – Payroll Solutions

  • Preserve all personnel data centrally to create the foundation for stress-free payroll.
  • Organize all salary documents with perfection.
  • Streamline personal data clearly.
  • Access HRMS automatically identifies and corrects previously made errors, adjusting procedures accordingly.
  • Access HRMS is compliant with labor laws.
  • Optimize your processes from start to finish.