Human Capital Development & HR Solutions

Human capital development and HR Solutions are the processes of improving employees’ performance, abilities, and resources. Human capital development is vital to an organization’s success as employees are an investment worth making.
A creative and holistic approach to human capital development and HR Solutions offered by Fulcrum. Being a top outsourcing company in Pakistan, Fulcrum offers a unique perspective on what matters—and what works—in developing and managing field personnel. We will work with you to improve your company’s competitiveness and empower your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver great services that are according to global standards. Our lead consultants have comprehensive knowledge of best global practices and local settings, which influences our intervention design and delivery.

Training Employees in the Right Areas

Employers are required to train, coach, and recruit individuals to reinforce their individual and interpersonal skills in order to develop suitable human capital solutions. Human capital development is a process that involves creating an environment that encourages employees to acquire new skills, apply invitational concepts and ideas, and acquire new expertise and practice. Fulcrum’s Human Capital Services covers employee training in all aspects.

Human Capital


Fulcrum’s Talent Management service is a brand-new offering for our clients and it’s designed to help businesses plan ahead for the future of their staff.

Human Capital


Our mission at Fulcrum is to provide an unmatched level of Performance Management Service that continually exceeds our customers’ expectations, generates a measurable return on investment, and results in long-term business relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Human Capital


Fulcrum’s Services provide tailored human resource solutions to organisations and businesses of various types of sectors that want their employees to succeed both personally and professionally.

Human Capital


Succession planning is a complex process that requires both strategic leadership and tactical execution. Our team of specialists possess a wide range of experience, who can evaluate potential plans for maximizing the value of your business.

Human Capital


Fulcrum’s operational workforce planning assists management in determining what actions are necessary to accomplish the business’s immediate priorities. Workforce planning aims to develop a defined, achievable plan for achieving unit-level business objectives.

Human Capital


Fulcrum’s Knowledge Management (KM) Plan is geared at an organized, systematic, and targeted approach to defining and implementing a program’s knowledge goals and objectives.

Human Capital


In order to compete in the market, Fulcrum’s strategic approach provides solutions to analyze the health of your current business practices, procedures and take the next important steps that are necessary.

Human Capital

Learning &

Increased productivity and less turnovers are a result of employee learning and development. Utilizing Fulcrum’s learning and development services can assure you that your investment in your peoples’ training will pay off in the long run as it also promotes loyalty and appreciation in your people.

Why Human Capital Development & HR Solutions

At Fulcrum, we believe that human capital development and HR Solutions are critical to the organization’s growth and productivity. The people who make an organization are an investment worth making.
If their productivity can improve on an individual level through development, the organization will benefit. Furthermore, developing existing employees can be far more cost-effective than hiring and training new employees. Our key features include all aspects of Human Capital Development including:

Human Capital
  • Change Management
  • Development of the HR Strategy
  • Devising & Establishing HR Policies & Procedures
  • Establishing Compensation, Benefits and Reward System
  • Implementation for Performance Management System
  • Providing tools for Performance Management
  • Job Analysis & Preparation of Job Description
  • Job Evaluations
  • Search and short-listing for Recruitment and Mass Hiring
  • Audit / Evaluation of HR Functions
  • Counseling /Mentoring /Coaching
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Needs Assessments at the Organizational, Operational and Personnel level
  • Organizational Gap Analysis
  • Competency Profiling
  • Change Management
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Talent Inventory
  • Conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey
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