Manpower Outsourcing Agency for Qatar

Qatar’s economic growth and development plans have led to an exponential increase in offshore manpower Outsourcing. The country has invested heavily in infrastructure, such as transportation and tourism, leading to an increased demand for skilled workers and experts.


Who we are

Fulcrum is a long-standing HR company in Pakistan that specializes in providing manpower for various multinational brands and companies across the globe.

Manpower Outsourcing services

The recruitment process is a critical function of human resource management that ensures hiring of the best candidates for available positions. The Attraction, screening, and selection of qualified individuals for a position within an organization are crucial for the efficient workflow of the organization.

Specialized HR solutions

Specialized HR solutions

An HR and recruitment strategy tailored to your organization.

Payroll management

Payroll management

Management of the payroll and benefits administration to staff on behalf of the client organization.

Data management

Data management

Management of a vast database that includes data on all our outsourced employees.

Strong adherence to Compliance

Strong adherence to Compliance

Compliance is taken care of at every step of the process.

Training & development for employees

Training & development for employees

Training sessions are organized for employees at all levels of the organization.

How our process works

To begin with, we request that you complete a form providing us with your contact details and specific requirements. A representative will then reach out to you at a time that is convenient for you. Once we have comprehensively understood your requirements and had further discussions, we will proceed to a contractual agreement with mutual understanding. We will leverage our vast HR network to source the most suitable candidates for your needs. After screening the candidates through interviews or any other preferred method, we will initiate the visa processing and fulfill any additional requirements. Once the candidates have arrived in Qatar, they will assume their roles within your organization. We will take full responsibility for the various requirements of the employees that have been outsourced to us, including payroll processing and other related duties.

Benefits of outsourcing Manpower supply to Fulcrum

Business Operations

Focus on your core business and accelerate your business operations

Save Costs

Save costs that come from hiring and maintaining a workforce

Work with Only the Best

Hire the best talent in every field


Ensure compliance is met at every step of the process