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In today's globalized business landscape, overseas employment is of the utmost significance. Long-term success for Businesses heavily relies on their ability to attract top talent from all across the world. Offshore hiring also creates opportunities for companies to establish international networks and connections.

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Who we are

For over four decades, Fulcrum have excelled in providing a wide range of overseas workforce solutions, from permanent hiring and temporary recruitment to executive search. Our innovative approach has bridged the gap between employees and employers, ensuring seamless connections.

Overseas employment promoter

With our extensive network and expertise in international recruitment, we open doors to a world of talent. We ensure a seamless experience for employers, from identifying the right candidates to managing visa applications and relocation logistics. Our team of experts connects employers to skilled professionals all around the globe.

Recruitment Solutions

Comprehensive and effective strategies for overseas recruitment


Payroll management

Seamless management of payroll and benefits administration for your staff and ensuring timely and accurate payments.

Data management

Our extensive and comprehensive database houses all data on our outsourced employees, allowing for efficient tracking, reporting, and analysis of data

Strong adherence to Compliance

Strict adherence to all relevant regulations and guidelines. We ensure legal and ethical practices are followed at every step.

Training & development for employees

We empower employees at all levels to enhance their knowledge, skills, and performance, contributing to their professional growth and the overall success of your organization.

Our Process

Our process begins by understanding the specific talent requirements of our clients. We then use our extensive network to source the best candidates. Through a rigorous screening and evaluation process, we identify the most suitable individuals for each position. We handle all aspects of the recruitment process, from initial interviews to visa processing. We strive for a seamless experience for both the employer and the candidate and ensure a successful placement that meets the needs of both parties.

Benefits of Outsourcing Manpower to Fulcrum

EOBI & Gratuity
Business Operations

Streamline your business operations and focus on your core activities, allowing for accelerated growth and efficiency.

Income Tax Deduction
Save Costs

Significant cost savings for your organization due to reduced expenses associated with hiring and managing a workforce.

Work with Only the Best

Ensure that your organization is staffed with the most qualified individuals.

Bonus Payments

Ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards throughout the entire recruitment process.