Manpower Supply in Saudi Arabia

Manpower supply involves hiring third-party organizations to provide labor services and skilled professionals for specific projects or tasks. Being cost-effective and efficient, this practice has gained popularity in Saudi Arabia over the years. In Saudi Arabia, manpower outsourcing has become an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their workforce.


Who we are

Fulcrum is a Pakistan based workforce supplier that helps companies all around the world manage their staff and hiring. We have a longstanding track record of managing HR for various multinational brands and companies.

Manpower supplier

Scaling and maintaining your business always comes down to your HR. An effective Manpower strategy is key to organizational success, and we are here to help you out with the entire process of recruiting as well maintaining a workforce.


Manpower solutions at levels of the management

From Skilled professionals to labor we provide HR outsourcing services at all levels of organization. The workforce can be hired on full-time, part-time or contractual basis.


Employee payroll management

Payroll generation for all outsourced employees every month along with the Processing of benefits, incentives, deductions, income tax calculation.


Data management

Management of a vast database that includes data of all our outsourced employees.


Strong adherence to Compliance, laws and regulations

Laws, regulations and compliance are strictly observed throughout the process.


Training & development for employees

Specialized training sessions for employees at every level of the organization.

Our Process

First we will ask you to fill out a form with your contact details and requirements. A representative will contact you at a time of your convenience. After Understanding the requirements and further discussion we proceed towards a contract with mutual understanding. Using our vast HR network, we find the right candidates according to your requirements. Screening of the candidates based on interview or any other preferred method. Visa processing of candidates and completing other necessary requirements. The selected candidates reach Saudi Arabia and fill out their roles in your organization. We are fully responsible for the various requirements of the employees outsourced to us like payroll processing etc.

Benefits of outsourcing Manpower supply to Fulcrum

Business Operations

Focus on your core business and accelerate your business operations

Save Costs

Save costs that come from hiring and maintaining a workforce

Work with Only the Best

Hire the best talent in every field


Ensure compliance is met at every step of the process